30 de diciembre de 2010

HATING Christmas;

Yep,I hate Chritmas e.e
BTW I'm counting the days left to see SAW 7 in 3D *-*

Listening: BottomsUp-Keke Palmer.

22 de diciembre de 2010


I know it's only two or three weeks....but something is something,isn't it?
Have a great time and be glad,it's free:)

18 de diciembre de 2010

11 de diciembre de 2010

No time,no life;

To top of exams and works. I have no time to breath.u_uBTW i have and hour and a half to watch Narnia,the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.OMG,I completely love it.
Listening: If You Wondering If I want You To-Weezer.

23 de noviembre de 2010


BTW,i went shopping today,and I bought a jeans,a ring,and a t-shirt.[:

18 de noviembre de 2010

16 de noviembre de 2010

This,that,the other...

I have just finished to see a movie,Cold Prey 2,amaaaizing!

Better that the first one.*-*
I have already finished study too,so maybe i'll see Cold Prey 3

13 de noviembre de 2010


Just arrived of saw 'Devil' .__________________.
If u are bored,u can watch it. If you are not,don't waste time on it..

6 de noviembre de 2010


Making phylosophy notes at 4.35 a.m ^^
Nothing to post,lots of examns,homeworks..u know,highschool things.

4 de noviembre de 2010

new nails:)

I saw them a week ago in a famous singer who i don't remember the name, and I completely fall in love with them.*-*
Here is a photo:

29 de octubre de 2010


Pff,a day that I thought it would be amazing,turn into a 'shit'. Shit in quotes because it wasn't all shit.

I went with my friend to the cinema to watch Paranormal Activity 2,(as I said in the last entry) to start the movie DISAPPOINTED me.
So if you are thinking of watch Paranomal A.2 DON'T GO TO THE CINEMA TO WATCH IT.

And another shit was the people in the cinema,when we arrived it was totally deserted just my friends and I and two boys,then a group of friends turn into the room,so far is well but when the movie stars they start talking,OMG,asyduaisdyhajskdamndmasm,fuck them.

28 de octubre de 2010

One day;

JUST ONE DAY! Yep,this Friday i'll go to the cinema to watch PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2, and Saturday & Sunday i'll be out in a friends house watching horror films and these things to celebrate
BTW,have a nice Halloween!

18 de octubre de 2010

Physical education=highway to hell;

Tired day,my physical education classes are like hell,all the hour running and running and more running..
Philosophy's classes are horrible,we have done a test,I can't complain it goes pretty well:)

To finish I have to say that this Saturday is the birthday of one friend I have,she's Elisa,amazing girl with an amazing imagination,she has a blog too:
She doesn't pay much attention in it,but hey,she has it.

9 de octubre de 2010


 Hi there:)
Hos is it going? I hope fine!
So yea,I wake up today very very very very late,watch some TV, do maths homework and read a little bit..

So i'm going to finish my Ruffles, and go to see a the new chapter of  True Blood.
Take care and enjoy these mini-holidays.(:

8 de octubre de 2010


Amazing Friday,it started with classes like always but it ends with many jokes and a lot of laughs.
My friends and I have go to buy some things,then went back to town and wasted time lying in the grass listen music,talking,making videos,taking photos..
(the ones what im going to upload today it's a few of them)

Pretty nice Friday:)

Tomorrow Saturday..next Sunday and then the horrible Monday,buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut this Monday and Tuesday I don't have classes! :D
OMG it's so nice,everyone need a sigh and more now..where the difficult starts..

I guess that's all for tonight. I'll be around here tomorrow, see ya!

Listen: the Pretty Reckless-I really fucking love you.

5 de octubre de 2010


In the middle of the stress i went out with a friend,Elise,a pretty good friend,and go shopping,have a coffe,a time for a good things..
She bought two pair of boots and a dress, and I bought boots too.
We had good weather,nice clothes, ultimately A VERY GOOD DAY! (: 

1 de octubre de 2010

Something call..stress;

So,yea. Finally FRIDAY! :D
Finally some time to breath,think of something that is not books,work,study.. Perhaps tomorrow,but not today.
Pretty good Friday,going out,coffe,friends,laughs.. but behind it all that, I have to do maths,sintax,philosophy, science,read two or three books in less than one month.. 
Summarizing:a lot of stress.
But this is what it is, you have to take it the best you can.
I hope I'll always have a while to go here and comment you a little bit..
Says goodbye, the little princess with nerds.

listen to:  2 hearts-kyley minogue.

28 de septiembre de 2010


Yes,the summer has already ends,everybody knows that,but don't worry good times will come :)
My summer was a little bit disappointing,my friends and I made a lot of plans and it doesn't went very well..
But anyway,this was summer was pretty good.
I can tell you hundred and hundred of good moments...

Moments with sun,friends,laughs and jokes..

Moments that I regret..

(yes,it have a lot of photoshop)

And nice moments.

A pretty good summer,lot of memories. I hope next summer will be better. (:

listen to:Noisettes-Nerver for get you.


Started the course, started the stress and all that you know, I have a sigh to post, no school tomorrow! so I'll  have the opportunity to upload some old photos (some with poor quality .. so sorry), and comment a little bit (:

listen to: metro station-shake it.