1 de octubre de 2010

Something call..stress;

So,yea. Finally FRIDAY! :D
Finally some time to breath,think of something that is not books,work,study.. Perhaps tomorrow,but not today.
Pretty good Friday,going out,coffe,friends,laughs.. but behind it all that, I have to do maths,sintax,philosophy, science,read two or three books in less than one month.. 
Summarizing:a lot of stress.
But this is what it is, you have to take it the best you can.
I hope I'll always have a while to go here and comment you a little bit..
Says goodbye, the little princess with nerds.

listen to:  2 hearts-kyley minogue.

28 de septiembre de 2010


Yes,the summer has already ends,everybody knows that,but don't worry good times will come :)
My summer was a little bit disappointing,my friends and I made a lot of plans and it doesn't went very well..
But anyway,this was summer was pretty good.
I can tell you hundred and hundred of good moments...

Moments with sun,friends,laughs and jokes..

Moments that I regret..

(yes,it have a lot of photoshop)

And nice moments.

A pretty good summer,lot of memories. I hope next summer will be better. (:

listen to:Noisettes-Nerver for get you.


Started the course, started the stress and all that you know, I have a sigh to post, no school tomorrow! so I'll  have the opportunity to upload some old photos (some with poor quality .. so sorry), and comment a little bit (:

listen to: metro station-shake it.

27 de septiembre de 2010


Hi there :) Im Adriana, student's girl with spider phobia 
inspired by Chiara Ferragni,I love her,and she moved me to make this blog.

I'll be posting pics about myself,films,something that catch my atencion..

I hope you'll like it.